Friday, July 17, 2020

'Tito Two'

The current background photo is of 'Tito Two'. he was my only friend and companion for the three and a half years I lived alone. I worked for the State, attended classes at USF,  frequent live theater, and cuddled up with Tito Two when at home. However, let's not confuse living alone with loneliness, that I was never that, because my life was filled with peace and wonder of learning new things and I was contented with it.

He went missing in 2012. We were led to believe that he was dead. However, we hope that he is alive and well in a kindly home.
 When Tito-Two was young. I adopted him from the Animal house here in town. I still have his tags and adoption papers.

Saturday, June 27, 2020

Tito's Cavern has a new domain

Tito's Cavern has changed its domain and is now a part of Widescreen Online Review Plus.

Check back later for updates. 

Monday, March 13, 2017

Low Cost Pet Vaccinations Pinellas Community Vaccine Clinics

For all you pet lovers in my area Low Cost Pet Vaccinations Pinellas Community Mobile Vaccine Clinics will be at Animal House on March 25 and 26.

950 34th Street North
St. Petersburg, FL 33713 US

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Kind Hearts Trumps Cold Heart - Extraordinary Fishing Catch

Hey All You Pets Lovers,

Sam here with the most heart warming story of the year. Two dudes were out fishing and what do they catch? Two abandoned kittens. Watch the video and then click the link below for the full story. I'll touch your heart.

These Guys Were Out Fishing When Suddenly — Kittens

Monday, June 22, 2015

Amazing Baby Fry

Hello Pet Lovers,

Sam here, and today I am uploading a couple of videos of the newest members of the family. Baby Fish. Mom believes they were born on Friday. 

Here is an excerpt from her tropical fish diary.

06/22/2015 - I did the weekly aquarium maintenance.  After tying a bunch of plastic plants at the top of the tank, my fears that there would be no more fry was unfounded after breaking down the tank and moving it to the other side of the room back in March. There are about two to three dozen fry in the tank. Of these perhaps 10 will grown to adulthood, which is more than enough.  My thinking is that the fry are all mollies because one of the large white Sailfin was pregnant, but a few right now are showing their mixed parenthood and are black and white marble. Some are a little yellow. They could be from my gold mollies or they are platys. The remainders are black or dark gray, and they usually turn white as they mature. In any case, the fry survive better when they have places where the adult cannot get at them.

I don’t know if the Cherry Barb will ever have live off-spring. I do think they are laying eggs like the Albino Catfish. However, the other fish eat their eggs before they hatch. 

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Pet Pics Of the Day

Hello Pets Lovers,

Autumn here.

Today mom is post some recent pictures of us and brief film of those yummy looking fish. I mean, take a look at the size of Goliatha,The Gentle Giant. Couldn't just fry her and serve on a plate. Just saying .... 

Anyway, enjoy the pics, and we'll be back at you soon.


Mom and Dad noticed some time ago that our Plecostomus, Goliatha, will watch us from her tank at times. I guess she find us interesting. In size she is about 13 -14 inches long. Mom calls her our gentle giant among the other fish.


Autumn out!

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Watching, Watching, We're Just Watching the Birds Go By

Hello All Your Cat Lovers Out There,

Mom took this picture of us yesterday as we sat watching the birds fly in and out to feed on our lawn. In case you have forgotten our names, Jetta is the Black beauty up front on the left, Sam is the only male among us and he is up front on the right (neutered, thank God!), and I am the sassy explorer, Autumn, and I am in the rear.

Until next time,

Autumn out.

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Goliatha, The Peaceful Queen Of The Tank.

Hello Pet People,

Sam here.

In the video below is Goliatha.  She’s a 10 inch long Bristlenose Plecostomus. She’s the most peaceful fish in the tank. When mommy got her back in August, we didn’t think she would live. However, she has not only lived, she grown to an expressive size. Beside, the algae wafers and shrimp pellets, she is now eat fresh cucumbers, squash, Zucchini. She even likes a bit of fresh apples.

Goliatha used to only come out of her cave at night, but now she comes out anytime she wants to feed alongside her smaller companions with shying whenever mom and dad appear. Although the video is not very good (cell phone), it is easy to see that Goliatha is done well.

Mom has also added the latest photo of me trying to rest, which is hard with mom pointing a camera at me wherever she think I am doing something cute. 

Sleeping like an angel.
Hey! Can't a kitty sleep in peace, woman.

That’s it for now,

Sam out.

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

More Unprecedented Of Love Between Man And Beast


Master Samuel here with a YouTube video about another show of unrivaled love between humans and animal of the wild. In this video the lioness in question is Sirga  and she is greeting her rescuer, Valentin Gruener,  with a starling hug after he opens her pen at the Gruener's Modisa Wildlife Project, located in Botswana, Africa.

Love is truly strange.

Now meet Tanzy. She is a one special and tough little Snowshoe kitten. What makes Tanzy so special is that shortly after her birth she was attacked by another animal, and the mauling left she as a Paraplegic.  Not only did her caregivers at Tabby's Place believe she would not live, they did not think she would ever be mobile.

But, lo and behold,  Tanzy surprised everyone.  To learn more about Tanzy, her amazing recovery, and see her in action read, "How Tanzy the Paraplegic KittenSurprised Everyone" by Brandi Megan Granett.

Sam out.

'Tito Two'

The current background photo is of 'Tito Two'. he was my only friend and companion for the three and a half years I lived alone. I...