Wednesday, August 28, 2013

A Street Cat Named Bob Arrives in America

Hello Everyone,

Jetta here.

Autumn and I were browsing the web with mom when we ran across an interesting book. about how an an injured stray cat named Bob that saved life of a recovering addict named James. And how together they forged a life that changed them both forever.

A Street Cat Named Bob by James Bowen.
Talk about "Pet Power".


Seen pragmatically, James Bowen's spontaneous act of adopting an injured cat was foolish. The struggling London street musician was barely about to feed himself, much less another mouth, no matter how tiny. Nevertheless, he took in the stray, named him Bob, nursed him back to health, and then sent him on his way—or so he thought. But Bob had other ideas. This sweetly inspiring book is worthy of comparisons with Dewey and Oogy. -- Publishers Weekly

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Jetta Out

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Amazing Catch: What Sharks Dine On

Hello everyone,

Jetta here with another amazing story from The --- Amazing --- Animal --- Kingdom. Did you hear those drums' rolls? No. Too bad, they were great. Anyway, mom and I found this article about shark fishing. It is called, ‘Turducken’ of the sea–scientists off Delaware catch shark within a shark.

It is a great story of how these Researchers from the University of Delaware attempted to recapture a tagged sand tiger shark, and lost it in an unexpected way. Click the link and check the full story.

Wow, what a surprise! probably scared the heebie jeebies out of those unsuspecting researchers.

Until nest time,

Jetta out.

Sunday, August 4, 2013

The Amazing and Scary Scientific World

Jetta here.

Today, I want share with you a scary, yet incredible scientific find. 

According to the article "Incredible Technology: How to Explore the Microscopic World”, today's microscopes are so powerful that they can provide a view to a previous unseen level of the microscopic world.

All Bandit and I hope for is that this worm never has a growth explosion. As it is now, mom think that we could possibility see a creature with similar features of this hydrothermal worm starring in it s own 3D film while it eats its way through New York,  L.A. or even the city of Tokyo.

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Jetta out.

Thursday, August 1, 2013

An Afternoon of Bird Watching

Hello Everyone,

Jetta here. You remember me, I'm slim black beauty. Mom wanted to posted this latest photo of me and Bandit. Mom's says we are turning into beautiful girls. She like to call us her "The Girls". We're cats, go figure. Anyway, we still like to romp around the house together like its our private jungle-gym, and Mom really freaks out when she catches us while we are trying to fish in the aquariums, but she runs us off and the little fishy heart drop back down to normal.

But, what we really enjoy doing is watching the birds and squirrels from the poach.  Dad likes feeding the  homeless cats and some of  the local wild life. Although he is not trying to feed them, we even see a Opossum or two. There is also a Red Tail Hawk that had recently moved into area, and it has already caught and ate one of the Blue Jays. The hawk didn't even leave a feather.  Dad was upset, but what can you do. Even a bird of prey has to eat.

When we have have our fill of watching the drama of the wildlife, we settle down for an nap.

Well that is all for now.

Until next time,

Jetta out.

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