Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Funny But Factual Sea Facts And Creatures

The Sea Pig
While everyone was getting excited about the discovery of the siphonophore (Stunning Siphonophore),we ran across this funny but factual discover about sea pigs and sea cumbers in a video entitled, True Facts About The Sea Pig.

Until next time, Meow.

Friday, September 5, 2014

Our 55-Gal Aquarium - Better View


Here is the latest photo of our tank in as true to life color as possible.Although the fluorescent lights make the water look cloudy, the tank crystal clear. I keep the air stones in the center of the tank and hidden by the driftwood (real) because I like the reverse water fall effect. Sometimes the fish swim through it.

 Much better than Monday's  films. I am working on improving the resolution and color problems on it as well. Below is as close as I can get so far.


Monday, September 1, 2014

Our 55-Gal Tropical Fish Tank


Remember me. I am Sam. The newest member of the Fain family.

After more than seven years, mom and dad have switched to tropical fish. We have several varieties. Let's see, there are several red and gold Mickey Mouse Platys, some Black Mollies and Neon Tetras, two Indian Glass Fish, six Albino Cory, and  a Wagtail and a Bristlenose Pleco. There is also one platy Mickey Mouse fry about 5 weeks old. It is the only survivor out of thirty.  However, it will not be the only baby in the tank for long as several of the Platys, the Wagtail, and a Black Molly are all about to give birth.

 The film was shot  at night on an Android cell phone, and the quality it not all that great, but it will do for now.


Below is a picture taken of me right after I was -- UN-manned -- two weeks ago. Mom says, neutered. But, Dad and I know otherwise. I ended up in this contraption because I still wanted to flirt with the girls, Jetta and Autumn. Either one of them was happy about it, and Autumn has a really mean left hook.  Mom also feared I would undo my snitches.

Samuel T. Winston-Fain

But, not to worry, I am all healed now, and to my dismayed,  everyone is happy that I have stopped straying all over the house. I mean, I don't understand their objection. That was some great musk. Nevertheless, nothing will ever stop me  from chasing the girls all about the house.

That all for now,

Sam away!.

P. S. I thought I would upload this early morning video.  Next time Mom says she film us cats in action.

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