Monday, June 22, 2015

Amazing Baby Fry

Hello Pet Lovers,

Sam here, and today I am uploading a couple of videos of the newest members of the family. Baby Fish. Mom believes they were born on Friday. 

Here is an excerpt from her tropical fish diary.

06/22/2015 - I did the weekly aquarium maintenance.  After tying a bunch of plastic plants at the top of the tank, my fears that there would be no more fry was unfounded after breaking down the tank and moving it to the other side of the room back in March. There are about two to three dozen fry in the tank. Of these perhaps 10 will grown to adulthood, which is more than enough.  My thinking is that the fry are all mollies because one of the large white Sailfin was pregnant, but a few right now are showing their mixed parenthood and are black and white marble. Some are a little yellow. They could be from my gold mollies or they are platys. The remainders are black or dark gray, and they usually turn white as they mature. In any case, the fry survive better when they have places where the adult cannot get at them.

I don’t know if the Cherry Barb will ever have live off-spring. I do think they are laying eggs like the Albino Catfish. However, the other fish eat their eggs before they hatch. 

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