Tuesday, August 17, 2010

An Afternoon In The Sun

Hello Everyone,

Tito here with a little pic of a couple bathing beauties, who from me little black-book are the cat's meowww.

I would've add the girls’ names, but they were sleeping so soundly that, well you know, after taking a quick aerial shot from over the fence, I didn't dare awaken them.

Until next time,

Tito out

Friday, August 13, 2010

Talking and Singing Cats! Oh my?!

Hello Everyone,

Tito here with a couple video about cats. Yes, us! The most marvelous creature on four furry legs. CATS! These films are so marvelously funny that I'll let them speak for themselves.

Rossini's "Cats Duet" (animation) 


What Cats Are Really Thinking

And then there are the ones who simply overindulge to the embarrassment of us all.

He has the nerve to ask us ... us,  mind you ...  to join him. Sowww!

Til next time, Meow Five!


Saturday, August 7, 2010


Hello Everyone,

Tito here. I really should say, Tito the Second as mentioned in the first post, I am named after the first beloved Tito that died at the ago of 13.  Can you tell us apart.

Like me he was a handsome cat. You can see why Mommy fell in love with me the first time she saw me. Well, enough or me, Mommy and me wanted to show you some of the others family's member who were loved over the decades. Enjoy!

One of these guys above is me.

Morris (Left)
Tigger (Right)t

Dracula Jr. and Big Red


Dogs City, Great Danes and Siberian Huskies

Tito the First may have like these creatures, but I don't see the attraction. Give me a female feline any day, and I'll be happy. Old the handsome tabby among those dogs was Tigger the Cat, and the Rabbit, lunch, ah no ...I mean Pinky.

The dogs are: Great Dane: Lady Kees, and Stanlee, not relation to Stanley. Siberian Huskies: Silverbolt, Storm, Takota, and Nakoka, .

Til next time, Meow Five!


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