Thursday, August 1, 2013

An Afternoon of Bird Watching

Hello Everyone,

Jetta here. You remember me, I'm slim black beauty. Mom wanted to posted this latest photo of me and Bandit. Mom's says we are turning into beautiful girls. She like to call us her "The Girls". We're cats, go figure. Anyway, we still like to romp around the house together like its our private jungle-gym, and Mom really freaks out when she catches us while we are trying to fish in the aquariums, but she runs us off and the little fishy heart drop back down to normal.

But, what we really enjoy doing is watching the birds and squirrels from the poach.  Dad likes feeding the  homeless cats and some of  the local wild life. Although he is not trying to feed them, we even see a Opossum or two. There is also a Red Tail Hawk that had recently moved into area, and it has already caught and ate one of the Blue Jays. The hawk didn't even leave a feather.  Dad was upset, but what can you do. Even a bird of prey has to eat.

When we have have our fill of watching the drama of the wildlife, we settle down for an nap.

Well that is all for now.

Until next time,

Jetta out.

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