Friday, March 23, 2012

In Memory of Tito 2.0

Hey Everybody,

Tomoe here. Mom has accepted that Tito is no more. Whether he was cat-napped or a victim of unintentional or intentional death will remain a mystery. On any case, he is gone and like me, if it were in his power, he would come home on his own or when Mom calls for him.

If you have seen him or know what became of him, please contact to agencies below.

Lost Cat Report

Pictures of Reported Lost Pets

In honor of Tito the title of this site will remain the same, and I will be you new host.

Tomoe out.
P. S. Here is the link to a workshop of play Mom did entitled "TITO'S FIRST ADVENTURE- RESCUE IN THE EVERGLADES". Read and Enjoy!

'Tito Two'

The current background photo is of 'Tito Two'. he was my only friend and companion for the three and a half years I lived alone. I...