Saturday, February 1, 2014

Presenting Jetta and Autumn's Cat Mobile


Well, Mom went all out for us. Instead of getting us one of the pet carriers that she would have to carry me and Autumn in, she got us a genuine per stroller.  Like every box that comes into the house they becomes our personal playhouses, until we get bored.

We checked out every aspect of this pet stroller from assembly to completion, and it is a curious box with wheels, protective coverings, mesh area for air, and soft padding inside. Mom loves it and she  wants to take us to the vet in it and then for short walks in the spring and summer. Although, Autumn us running to fat :), Mom is glad that we both can fit in it. Now all Mom has t do is convince us that this new box with its multi-wheels and fancy hood will be fun to ride in when she gets us in it.

Yeah, right, Mom. Good luck in getting us in it. Right now, Daddy is laughing his head off at that idea.

Mom says she will post a picture of us in it on a later date.

Until next time,

Jetta out

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