Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Happiness - Jetta and Autumn Rain

Merry Christmas Everyone!

The Christmas season is always the time of giving, and this season is no different. People bustle about, sometimes madly, to find the right gift for love ones and friends.

Well, this was the same us. Excepted this year, we decided to give each other the gift of life. Whoa! Wait! Wait! We do not mean a two-legged bundle of joy. We mean the four-legged kind. That's right, for Christmas, we gave each a new kitten, and they are Jetta (for her obvious beautiful black fur, and Autumn Rain. Autumn is the youngest, but you would not know it by her energy and constant playful antics. Jetta is shyer and she will come to you when she wants attention.

When we adopted them, we knew that one kitten would not do, and the first thing we made sure of was that the kittens liked each other and played well together. And, boy, do they ever. Theirs every waking hour is spent playing, exploring, and climbing in place we did not think they could reach. Autumn is an avid fish watcher and enjoys investigating the structure of the goldfish tanks. Jetta likes to play with noisy plastic bags, and they both like balls with bells inside.

Jetta and Autumn are always ripping and running from one room to another. Jetta is about 5 month old and Autumn is about 3 1/2 months. You would think Jetta would attempt to dominate the smaller Autumn, but not so. Autumn is the braver of the two and more apt the stick her nose is different areas without caution.

Perhaps some of you notice that Autumn has the same features as the two late Titos’. We tried not the get any kittens that favorite our two dear lost ones, but one look at Autumn’s face, and we were hooked.

 Jetta and Autumn are being raised as house-cats. No outdoors for these two lovely. So, won’t you please join us welcoming our two new daughters, Jetta and Autumn Rain, and pray that they lives are always filled with happiness. 

Merry Christmas and as 2013 is upon us, Happy New year!

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